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Column: Moving to a new school

There are many reasons why you may be starting at a new school. Whatever the reason moving into a new school can be an intimidating and nerve-racking experience.

In search of a few good baristas

At the Umatilla High, they are looking for someone that would be able to work at the Odin’s Brew Cafe, the relatively new before and after-school coffee shop.

Senior’s days are numbered

The class of 2017 is approaching the end of their final year of high school and becoming adults.

Umatilla Podcast Network: Baseball


Teens can’t prevent themselves from being stressed, and that’s why whenever you need a pick me up, call Casey.

Thumbs way up for “Ballz”

Passing time is something many students at Umatilla High School tend to do on their phones. Some use social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Other students enjoy playing games. One game that is popular right now is called "Ballz".

Student of the Month Series: February senior Esteisy Leon

Many students are capable of getting their grades up and becoming Student of the Month. One of those students happens to be senior Ms. Esteisy Leon, who got student of the month in February of 2017.

UHS T&F welcome freshman with open arms

In middle school it was simple you show up, throw, run, or jump and leave. High school track is nothing like that, if anything it is the total opposite.

T&F at Prosser Rotary Invitational

The Umatilla Track team continued their progression through the season as they moved onto the Prosser Rotary Invitational on April 22 at Art Fiker Stadium, in Prosser, WA.

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