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UHS dogs, just because

The students at Umatilla High School may be wondering why in the world Alex and I asked everybody to send pictures of their dogs, if they had any. You may be thinking it's just because we wanted to see all the cute dogs.

Looking back at Prom 2017

Students dance the night away at the Umatilla High School prom 2017. The theme was “Once Upon a Time.” The prom court winners were, Katelyn Lorence, Cameron Sipe, Capriana Meinke, Nancy Ortiz, Felipe Barajas, Elijah Pine, Steven Ebker, and Tristan Cole. Winning prom queen Jeira Carrillo and prom king Salvador Alvarez.

Column: Viking boys need volleyball

It is time that we add another sport to the Umatilla High School program: Men’s Volleyball.

Student of the Month Feature: Nikolas Schuening

Every month at Umatilla High School a select few are chosen to be Student of the Month. A lucky senior that earned the honor for February is Nikolas Schuening.

Ticket to excellence at UHS

Wandering the halls of Umatilla High School, a big board filled with blue and orange tickets lays open for the naked eye to see. Students of all grade levels name’s are signed onto those cards given to them from staff members.

Fantasy Graphix: A UHS production

Fantasy Graphix is a student start-up graphic design business, where you can order whatever kind of art or logo that you need to be done.

Confidential: A magic filled weekend in Ellensburg

March sixteenth through the eighteenth the Umatilla Robotics Club had their second regional competition of the season in Ellensburg Washington. They placed in second overall and won the Chairman’s Award, the highest honor a team can receive at competition. This is one team member’s perspective:

“The Viking” yearbook is almost at UHS, it is time to buy yours

There is one easy way you can relive all of those without even having to remember it. Buy one of this year’s amazing yearbooks and get the memories that you have created this school year.

The “truth” about ghosts

Ghosts have been around for many generations, whether they’d be in folklore, movies, books and many other places.

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