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Drama in Mr. Escobedo’s Spanish class

Mr. Lupe Escobedo the Spanish teacher at Umatilla High School had his students study plays in Spanish. The students say it was fun and exciting.

The “truth” about ghosts

Ghosts have been around for many generations, whether they’d be in folklore, movies, books and many other places.

UHS blood drive: Part III

Umatilla High School’s Key Club will host its third blood drive of the school year on May 25.

Confidential: Just an epic, normal, dreadful Thursday in March

It started off like any normal-dreadful day of school, on an average Thursday. But it wasn’t any average Thursday, because this Thursday, the 16th of March was competition day.

Confidential: West Valley through a camera lens

It was a cloudy Friday morning in April when our robotics team set out to a weekend full of hard work and dedication. The yellow bluebird bus that was expected to pick us up at six in the morning arrived 20 minutes late, which meant we were all freezing in the bitter cold.

Senior year like sitting on a 3-1 fastball

Diego Soto-Leon is the only senior on the Umatilla High School Baseball team this year. It could be a lonely feeling.

Column: Moving to a new school

There are many reasons why you may be starting at a new school. Whatever the reason moving into a new school can be an intimidating and nerve-racking experience.

In search of a few good baristas

At the Umatilla High, they are looking for someone that would be able to work at the Odin’s Brew Cafe, the relatively new before and after-school coffee shop.

Senior’s days are numbered

The class of 2017 is approaching the end of their final year of high school and becoming adults.

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