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Calling Casey: Sick students

Casey, Help me. I’m a teacher of young men and women just weeks away from being thrown out into the “real world” but they have all contracted a serious illness: senioritis. How did this all start?

Column: Viking boys need volleyball

It is time that we add another sport to the Umatilla High School program: Men’s Volleyball.

UHS decides between cats and dogs

The argument over dogs and cats has been around for ages. Some people prefer dogs because they are man's best friends and some people choose cats because they are independent.

Confidential: West Valley through a camera lens

It was a cloudy Friday morning in April when our robotics team set out to a weekend full of hard work and dedication. The yellow bluebird bus that was expected to pick us up at six in the morning arrived 20 minutes late, which meant we were all freezing in the bitter cold.

Column: Moving to a new school

There are many reasons why you may be starting at a new school. Whatever the reason moving into a new school can be an intimidating and nerve-racking experience.


Teens can’t prevent themselves from being stressed, and that’s why whenever you need a pick me up, call Casey.

Thumbs way up for “Ballz”

Passing time is something many students at Umatilla High School tend to do on their phones. Some use social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Other students enjoy playing games. One game that is popular right now is called "Ballz".

Trump’s Wall

Opinion and political cartoon by Jefferson Olivera

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