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The right (start) time at UHS?

The alarm clock almost always rings too early for a high school student.

UHS enforces off-campus rule

The way Umatilla High School handles its off-campus rule is changing for the better.

No tip of the cap in the UHS halls

If students walk through Umatilla High school’s entrance with their hats or hoods on, it doesn’t take long for a teacher to approach them and ask if they could remove their hats while they’re in the building.

The ripped jeans fad draws focus in early part of 2016-17 school year at UHS

Now a days it doesn't matter what store you go to it's almost impossible to buy a pair of denim jeans that don't already have rips or holes in them.

Another UHS rule to chew on

The Umatilla High School district has a rule banning outside food and drinks in classrooms.

Calling all opinions on cell phones in class at Umatilla High

Buzz... Buzz... As quickly as a cell phone clatters away alerting its owner of a new message a teacher might swing past that phone and swipe it up for their collection.

Student opinions clash with UHS dress code

The first day of school students walked into Umatilla High School dressed in their best first-day outfits. Little did they know...

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