By Olivia Lawson and  Cecilia Cardenas-Perez

The Umatilla High School after-school program will be building a greenhouse – a building in which plants requiring regulated climatic changes are grown. Greenhouses can range from the size of a small shed to industrial size building.

This is mostly the after school program. Mr. and Mrs. Franks are going to be helping a lot with the construction process, they will be the leaders on that. Senior Cameron Sipe is starting the community garden component that will be connected to it and the vegetarian club as well.

The greenhouse is going to be built either on the west side of the high school or down by the field to the South Eastern side. It will be 18 feet wide by 36 feet long. The materials are being built from a kit that we ordered. I do not know if all of the materials are eco friendly but it should last us a long time. The heater will run on natural gas.’’ said Mr. Ego.

Although Mr. Ego doesn’t know the exact time frame he says, “The first step was getting it here. It took about 4 weeks for all the parts to ship arrive. Hopefully it will be done before school is out. ‘’

The purpose for the Greenhouse is “To add something we currently don’t have in the district for after school to use for lots of reasons; horticulture classes, fundraisers and clubs.” Mr.Ego stated. The benefits from the Greenhouse could be fresh plants, fruits, and vegetables. Mr.Ego said, ‘’It also will be an extended learning space for science classes if they can find a way to use it. “