By Shantell KuyKendall

The argument over dogs and cats has been around for ages. Some people prefer dogs because they are man’s best friends and some people choose cats because they are independent.

The real question is what will the students of Umatilla High School pick?  Will they choose dogs or cats?  

Alizay Rodriguez, a sophomore here at UHS, has both a cat and dog but she prefers dogs over cats.

“My dog likes to play with me while my cat just likes to sleep on my tummy like it’s a waterbed,” said Ms.Rodriguez.

Ms. Rodriguez is just one of many that believe dogs are better than cats. With 76.5% of student choosing dogs over cats, there’s a lot of opinions why they are better.

Gaby Aguiar, a freshman who owns only dogs, said dogs are better.

“They don’t mess up the couches and they sleep outside during summer and in the garage during winter,” says Ms. Aguiar.

With just 23.5% of students liking cats better than dogs, there are just a few comments from students.

“I like cats because they’re lazy like me,” Layal Reyes, a freshman, said in the survey sent to her but she only owns dogs..

Hope DiGregorio has both cats and dogs, but a she strongly believes cats are better,

“They are better because they are better company than dogs.”

I personally likes cats better than dogs because they’re easy to take care of because they are super cuddly and don’t take up much space. What do you like better?