By Tyler Lowrance

Every month at Umatilla High School a select few are chosen to be Student of the Month. A lucky senior that earned the honor for February is Nikolas Schuening.

“It was unexpected that I actually got chosen but felt honorable that I was chosen,” said Mr. Schuening.

Mr. Schuening has spread his happiness and smile through not only everyday of school but also through the UHS Robotics team, 4125. Mr. Schuening was the lead of this year film crew. The Chairman’s Award video that was made by this year’s crew helped them make it to the World Championships in Houston, Texas.

The Chairman’s Award is one of the most prestigious awards to be earned in FIRST, the UHS team was given the Chairman’s Award in the PNW district champions. Mr. Schuening was the primary producer for a video talking about how Team 4125 has impacted the Umatilla community in the past five years.

               Staff in the Umatilla School District will tell you Mr. Schuening was well deserving of getting student of the month and these are the reasons why:

“It has been a joy to see Nik grow into the person he’s become. Once, he was very shy and reserved. Now, he can speak in front of large groups with confidence,” said Heidi Sipe, Superintendent for the Umatilla School District. “To get to this point, he dedicated himself to learning new skills, he pushed himself out of his comfort zone and he sets goals for himself and doesn’t quit until he’s met them. I am excited to see what Nik will do in his future as I believe he’ll be a very successful adult due to his willingness to challenge himself.”

Though Mr. Schuening won’t be here next year, his smile will always leave an impression on Umatilla High School’s walls.