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Help me. I’m a teacher of young men and women just weeks away from being thrown out into the “real world” but they have all contracted a serious illness: senioritis. How did this all start? Is there a way to figure out who patient X is? Will we ever find a cure for this disease that seems to target 17 and 18 year-old young adults viciously?


Incredulous Instructor


Dear Incredulous Instructor,

There is no definite way to pinpoint who patient X is as our knowledge of them is microscopic. I, Casey believe that this all started a long time ago. In a generation when graduating wasn’t all so simple to reach so seniors began getting lazy. The idealistic idea that we can cure seniors from senioritis is far gone. All you can really do now is help prevent the upcoming seniors from reaching this dead zone. Support and treat their  non communicable disease with counseling, assistance, and motivation.