By Alejandro Aguilar

Fantasy Graphix is a student start-up graphic design business, where you can order whatever kind of art or logo that you need to be done.

Fantasy Graphix is run by Junior Tristan Cole,  Senior Nikolas Schuening, and Junior Felipe Barajas. They will create a logo for any art project you need. If you are creating a business by any sorts, they can make a logo for it.

Mr. Cole is hoping that it will be successful and it’s a step closer to his dream job,  being a graphic designer.

       He and his partners are freelancers. That means you can work for different companies at different times. Mr. Cole also stated that he is really excited, but he is ready for failure if it isn’t as successful as he thinks it will be. He also said that trying this business out is better than not trying it at all.

       Fantasy Graphix does not yet have a release date.

“I’m not too sure when I’m going to have everything setup but I hope it is sometime soon,” Mr. Cole said.

Currently Fantasy Graphix is kind of on hold due to all the members focusing all their time on the robotics team.

Mr. Cole got the idea when he was first hired to make a logo for an app that was being created by college Sophomore Daniel Aguilar. Realising he loved making logos and wallpapers, he decided to push this idea even further and try this business venture.

        You can contact Fantasy Graphix through facebook for now. Just recently, Fantasy Graphix was hired again to do a logo for Mr. Olson’s broadcasting class.

Justin Johannbroer, a UHS Sophomore, said. “Tristan is really good at graphic design and first thought when we needed a logo for broadcasting was Tristan.”

Co-founding Senior Nikolas Schuening also stated that he has lots of plans and taking Fantasy Graphix from a facebook page to a actual website is on the list. All 3 members went to the FIRST Robotics World Championships in Houston, Texas but the group claimed that they are going to use their free time there to think and hopefully incorporate more ideas to their small business.

         Mr. Cole can be hired now.  “I mean you don’t have to wait until my page and store is fully organized I can start making your logo now,” Mr. Cole said. All the money he and his team get are going straight to their college funds.

“You have to start somewhere,” Mr Cole said. He went on to state that it would be awesome if he were applying for a graphics artist job and was able to talk about how he started a graphics store when he was in high school. Neither Mr. Schuening nor Mr. Barajas are pursuing the same career as Mr. Cole, but they are just as happy to be included and helping make this idea come to life.