By Zayne Troger

What do you want to remember about high school once you graduate?



The crazy and ridiculous ideas people had for Spirit Week?

Whatever it may be, there’s one easy way you can relive all of those without even having to remember it. Buy one of this year’s amazing yearbooks and get the memories that you have created this school year.

Like previous years, the cost of the yearbook is $40, but the memories that you will relive are priceless! The yearbook crew has been working so hard on it all year and they’re finally going to be in the school in late May.

“I think that this year’s book has more of a focus on the school as a whole,” senior editor Samantha Ball said. “It is more focused on trying to include people in the yearbook and show what has really been going on, that’s why we picked the theme: The Real UHS.”

Get your yearbook before time is up because the end of the school year is right around the corner and, like last year, there are only going to be 110 yearbooks for sale this year. The adviser to the Yearbook staff, Mr. Erick Olson, said if they get enough interest, it is possible to place an order for more books.

When you bring your money to the school to pay, take it to Mrs. Tesch in the office. The Yearbook staff is planning a party at the end of the school year to give away the book and let people gather signatures.

This week the staff is selling raffle tickets before and after school for students and staff to have a chance to win a yearbook. Mr. Olson said tickets are $1 or seven tickets for $5. They will announce the winner on May 22.