By Alexis Sheets

Ghosts have been around for many generations, whether they’d be in folklore, movies, books and many other places.

Ghosts have many different names, such as an apparition, a demon, ghast, phantom, specter, spirit, etc. People of all ages from across the world have encountered some sort of ghost, whether it be real or not.

Spirits have always been great topics for movies. An online poll of Umatilla High School 58 students found of certain ghost movies, Ghostbusters is the most popular with 26.4% of people agreeing. In second place was Casper with 24.5% backers, and Paranormal Activity finished third at 11.3%.

Of all the ghost TV shows, Supernatural was chosen as the most popular by 58 UHS students with a percentage of 29.3%. It’s competitors are Danny Phantom with 19%, Ghost Adventures and Ghost Whisperer both having a 12.1%, and lastly Goosebumps with an 8.6%.

In the online article “Interesting facts about ghosts” by Cyber Panthers it lists some interesting hypotheses about ghosts. It is believed that ghosts and spirits become more active during night time because of reduced or less electronic disturbances making them more powerful. Kids and animals are most likely to see and experience the presence of ghosts since they have a higher level of energy which draws ghosts to them. Small kids often mistake ghosts as their imaginary friend. Most of the spirits and ghosts don’t really know that they are dead and often live in a confusing state which feels like being stuck in a nightmare.

In a survey taken by 58 UHS students, 36.2% of them said they have had an encounter with a ghost, while 43.1% have said no. 12.1% said they wish they had a ghost encounter. 60.3% said that they believe in ghost, while only 13.8% said they didn’t, and 15.5% said they needed more proof.

In another survey, students spoke about encounters they’ve had or someone they knew whom have also had one.

“Yes, my step mom has a ghost that has followed her for quite some time now. I personally think its her daughter that passed away in a car accident while still in the womb,” said sophomore Mr. Zayne Troeger.

Surprisingly UHS students have had ghost encounters of all kinds, some good and some not.

In an online article “Can ghosts hurt you? Five facts about ghostly phenomenon” by Helen Leathers. It states the hypothesis that ghost can’t physically hurt you. Another hypothesis is that, “the second most common paranormal occurrence is a visitation of a loved one from spirit.

“I have had dreams where I would be dragged somewhere in my home, only to wake up to shadow that seems suspicious, but not bothering,” said senior Mr. Steven Ebker.

In the same article Leathers writes, that the only type of ‘ghost’ that could hurt you, would be a poltergeist or in other words a ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.

“I was sitting in a room by myself, then the door completely slammed on me. Then it opened really slowly. I thought it was a wind current through the house, but the window was shut,” said senior Mr. Salvador Alvarez.

“My older sister saw our grandpa sitting at our kitchen table at around midnight but my grandpa has been gone for more than 20 years,” said senior Ms. Destinee Trujillo.

In an online article, “20 ghostly facts” by Spirited Enterprise, it states that ghost haunt you because they want your attention.

“I’m not the type of person to believe in ghosts believe me. However when I was a kid there was one thing I cannot explain and it thinking about it doesn’t scare me but it confuses me. When we were kids we lived really close to the high school. According to students it was haunted by a girl who had committed suicide in the girls bathroom. However one night since the high school field was huge,” said junior Mr. Alejandro Aguilar, “We decided to go play soccer and have some fun since we lived really close like I said and we had our cousins over. We were playing for I would say a good 30-40 minutes when out of the dark we see a red figure bright red, in the distance walking to us. I thought it was my imagination till everyone saw it. One of my cousins yelled “El Diablo”. We all got scared and ran as fast as we could. I’ve had lots of other minor things but that is the only one I know I saw clearly and it was very real.”

My parents lived with some kind of spirit for a little while. They lived in a small run down apartment above an old store. In that place they experienced dishes being thrown and broken, and worse of all, watched their cat get thrown across the room,” said sophomore Ms. Morgan Burch.

“When I was younger I used to live in a haunted house. There was one time when I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a tall, pretty lady. She was wearing a blue dress and she has her hair in curls. She just sat there and watched me sleep,” said freshman Ms. Jul Deperro.

The world is full of mysteries, and ghosts are especially one of them. Hopefully in the future, we will know more about ghosts as time goes on.