By Aden Cappello

Diego Soto-Leon is the only senior on the Umatilla High School Baseball team this year. It could be a lonely feeling. Mr. Soto-Leon is Umatilla’s starting pitcher (it can be a lonely position) and center-fielder (you’re never farther away from everybody else, talk about lonely).

It’s not really lonely, Mr. Soto-Leon keeps the entire team positive without saying much because the other athletes respect him and want to learn from him. One of his main feats is tracking down everything in the air in center field. He does an excellent job of tracking the ball and is just an all-around athlete.

After four years of Umatilla High School Baseball, Mr. Soto-Leon has had many good memories, but he said his favorite was “just pitching and having fun playing baseball.”

He played a solid year of baseball this year and he felt he “did pretty well personally,” Mr. Soto-Leon said. “I had some good catches in the outfield and had some solid hits.”

In the past, the Umatilla baseball team has been divided and not as serious about playing the game. It has been different this time around. 

“This year we played more as a team and less as individuals, everybody was on the same page about winning, it just didn’t happen for us,” Mr. Soto-Leon said.

To celebrate his graduation the baseball team had a barbecue on May 8 after practice with burgers, hot dogs, gatorade and much more.

Thank you Diego for a great season!