By Paola Munoz

There are many reasons why you may be starting at a new school. Whatever the reason moving into a new school can be an intimidating and nerve-racking experience.  It may help to know that you are not alone, everyone at some point of life started at a new school.  

For me moving to Umatilla High School wasn’t easy. You never know if the students in that school are going to like you, or start problems with you.  Here are some tips for moving to a new school from somebody who has had to do it recently:

Express yourself. Expressing how you feel might help you release some of the tension that is building up inside you, inside the new building.  Try and become familiar with your school schedule, where your classes are, and who your teachers are. Know where you are going, it can help reduce stress at school. Be nice to everyone and try to make new friends.  

Moving from Hermiston High to Umatilla High was a good experience for me because even though Umatilla is smaller I got to meet new people and start a new life with new friends. I still can go visit my friends from Hermiston because they are not far away.

The Umatilla High sophomore Nayeli Chairez moved to Umatilla from Hermiston High school a few months ago. “Moving into a new school is sometimes good because you get to know people,” Ms. Chairez said.  “But sometimes you feel bad for going somewhere where you don’t know anyone.”

Moving into a new school is pretty much the same as starting a new job or moving into a new place where you don’t know anyone. Sophomore Vanessa Chavez moved to Umatilla from Hermiston High School this past winter.

“When I moved from one school to another it was easy for me because I knew a lot of people in both of schools, so I wasn’t scared,” Ms. Chavez said. “Playing sports would help you meet more people because a lot of students play sports and they do a lot of things together, you can play soccer, basketball, or anything that makes you feel good.”

Try not to make problems with girls or boys even if they look problems with you.  Be nice to them and make them understand that you didn’t moved to the new school because you wanted problems, make them understand that you moved there because you had to or because you wanted to.  Make a difference between your old school and the new one.  Some students think it is pretty easy to move schools because they think you can just move and act like if you are in your old school, but have they ever moved?

The last thing about moving into a new school is to know that teachers and students deserve respect and to be treated well no matter what school we go to.  We don’t have to be scared, because we as students have the same rights even if we are old or new students.  These days students think that if they are new, they won’t have the same rights as an old student from that school.