By Aden Cappello

Passing time is something many students at Umatilla High School tend to do on their phones. Some use social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Other students enjoy playing games. One game that is popular right now is called “Ballz”.

The point of the game is to get rid of all of the blocks. Each block has a number on it which represents how many balls need to hit it before it will break. With almost each round you get a bubble to hit that will give you an extra ball. You lose when a block touches the bottom layer.

There are many students who play this game, including sophomore Zayne Troeger who has a score of 885 and going. Mr. Troeger is believed to hold the school-wide high score based on an online survey and other conversations in the school.

(Editors note: admits this is an unscientific crowning of Mr. Troeger as the game’s King.)

Mr. Troeger says the trick is to shoot the ball sideways at the wall so the ball has a chance to hit blocks more than once. He, humbly, doesn’t care that he holds the high score. Mr. Troeger says he plays no more than 30 minutes a day.

The ballz trend seemed to die off in about a week or so, but some continue to spend their time trying to earn bragging rights. Who knows, maybe somebody will take Mr. Troeger’s  figurative crown.