One in three teenagers happen to suffer from severe stress due to school, family, and relationships, which was scientifically proven by the ScienceNordic association. Teens can’t prevent themselves from being stressed, and that’s why whenever you need a pick me up, call Casey.

We know that school life can be scary and stressful, that is why we have created an advice column to input that little voice of support and guidance. We’re willing to give helping advice and supportive comments in order to help you or any friends that are in a tough situation, from simple break-ups to teacher problems to family problems.  We make it our goal to help others in times of troubles as well as just having someone to talk to about something that puts you on edge.

In order, to reach out to us, comment on our story and we’ll try and make sure to answer your question in the best way possible. Our identity is all a secret, and it’ll be kept on the down low for as long as we can.


DEAR CASEY: I like this guy, and we’re really close and all but I’m scared our friendship would be ruined if we began dating. I heard from one of my friends that he has feelings for me, and I’m really confused on what to do. Our relationship is fantastic, I mean we goof around and run away from chickens, it’s great. The thing that scares me is getting into a relationship with him, because he always seems to flirt with other girls, and it makes me feel the same…not unique. According, to my friend, he’s willing to have his attention focused on just me, and I want to call him “mine”, but then again I’m confused on what to do. Also, I don’t know how my ex would react to this, he’s incredibly sensitive when it comes to these sort of situations. Casey, please help me.


DEAR CONFUZZLED: It seems like you have a case of cooties, and that’s why I, Casey will jump into the sky and reach for advice. First off, you shouldn’t have to worry about your ex’s opinion, because you two broke up for a reason. If he does say something about the case, make sure to clarify you two are done. Now, for the other boy, if you truly believe you two like each other and are compatible, go for it, because you only have one life. It really seems to me that this fella has some hardcore feelings for you and is willing to do what it takes to be your Prince Charming, and that’s why I really think you should consider being with him. As for your ex, he seems like a handful, but this other guy is more your type. –CASEY