By Nalleli Madrigal and Natalie Soto,


In middle school it was simple you show up, throw, run, or jump and  leave. High school track is nothing like that, if anything it is the total opposite.

“It feels great to be back on the track because after 4 months of not doing anything you kind of get lazy. It’s also different from last year because you’re more independent and there are more things to do and more coaches, you also meet new people,”  freshman hurdler Ms. Patty Burres said.

“I would like to go state but I’m not sure if I could because of my schedule with robotics,” Ms. Burres said. “But i’m hoping to prepare for it by working on drills. My goal to achieve for this season is on hurdles to be able to run the 300 meter hurdles in under 54 seconds because for my last one I got 58 seconds, I would also enjoy competing in long jump.”

“Mr. Lind put a ton of work on gathering volunteers, and we appreciate it very much to everyone who helped,” coach Mr. Josh Ego said. “As young as our team is they are competing very well, we have a lot of freshmen that work hard everyday and so even our newest group can catch on early.”

The Umatilla track team hosted the River’s Edge track meet on April 14. To pull this off the coaches, teammates, and staff had to work together. The day before the meet the team divided into groups and started setting up. Just to make things more interesting they even made a contest to see who could find the most interesting “garbage”, for example they found a lighter, a baseball, movie ticket, tape measure and much more. With all the team putting effort into what they were doing they were able to set up completely in the two hours of practice they had that day.

On meet day the coaches and staff set up anything that had to be done that day, while the team warmed up and set up the tents. Many teachers from all three school came down to help out and the athletes that were not participating that week also helped with times and marks.