By Zayne Troger

The Umatilla Track team continued their progression through the season as they moved onto the Prosser Rotary Invitational on April 22 at Art Fiker Stadium, in Prosser, WA.

There were a total of 23 teams including Umatilla, Ellensburg, and Richland. At this event there were many Umatilla athletes earning the best marks of their career or “PR’s”. One of those PR’s is Sophomore high jumper, Julian Gutierrez. Mr. Gutierrez’s record in the High Jump is an impressive 6’0”. When he finally overcame the 6’ mark at the track meet on Saturday, he was very excited about it because it was something he’s been working on this whole season. It is the best boys high jump at the school since 2004. 

Although very excited about his new mark, Mr. Gutierrez still had to continue jumping against two other competitors. One being Junior Gunner Chronis from Grandview and the other being Senior Steven Kroontje from Connell. After both other jumpers jumped and cleared 6’0”, the officials moved the bar up to 6’2”. The Viking now had three attempts to clear the 6’2” mark but was unable to do so and the other two competitors moved on. While high jump is Mr. Gutierrez’s main event, he is also the third man on the 4×400 meter relay team.

That wasn’t the only PR in Prosser. Mid-Distance runner Trey Dohman, who’s main event is the 800 meter race, got a new PR that puts him one step closer to being able to go to state in the 800. Currently, he’s ranked sixth in the district, but all he has to do to be second at the district meet in Nyssa. On the form chart that would force him to be 6 seconds faster. The top two in the district are Scott Davies, who runs a 2:06.52, and Emmett Klus (2:08.20) both run for Burns. Luckily, Mr. Dohman has been improving on every race he’s raced this year. he has a current PR of 2:14.13 which he got at the Prosser Rotary Invitational.