By Zayne Troeger

At UHS, there are many sports that the students can participate in. One is Track and Field. Whether it be throwing, running, or jumping, you’re always competing against yourself and others for the top spot in that event. For many athletes at Umatilla, that goal is a very real possibility.

This past weekend, on April 7 and 8, there were track meets in Milton Freewater and Stanfield respectively. The Carnival of Speed for the Milton meet and the Dick Horyna Invitational in Stanfield. Many area schools joined the UHS Viking program to compete.


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Carnival of Speed:

Dick Horyna Invite: )

When competing against yourself, you get better times or throws depending on how you do at a meet. Between the two track meets, there were a total of 28 PR’s or SR’s (Personal Records or Season Records). 

With all of the new Personal records and season records, there are still times or throws that the athletes of Umatilla are striving to achieve.

Type of New Record Name Event Type Time or Mark
PR Lucas Miller 200 Meter 26.81
PR Zaquary Funderburk 400 Meter 27.37
SR Trey Dohman 800/1500 Meter 2:19.87/4:50.19
PR Alex Arbogast 800 Meter 2:23.85
SR Zayne Troeger 3000 Meter 10:00.21
PR Trent Durfey 110 Hurdles 17.15
SR Aleesha Watson Shot Put 4kg 30’ 5.5”
PR Natalie Soto Shot Put 4kg 23’ 11.5”
SR Luis Casto-Ortega 3000 Meter 10:59.62
PR Brenda Campos Javelin 600g 79’
PR Araceli Sanguino Javelin 600g 62’ 4”
PR Sebastian Trujillo Shot Put 12Lb 41’ 11”
PR Alec Williams Shot Put 12Lb 40’ 1.25”
PR Pablo Ames Long Jump/400 Meter 15’ 10”/1:07.40

One of those athletes is senior discus thrower, Mr. Joshua Surber. Mr. Surber is a 4-year letter winner and went to to the State Track Meet in Eugene, Oregon last year to throw the discus. He sits in fourth place on the Eastern Oregon League form chart. For Mr. Surber to go back to Eugene again this year, he has to be in one of the top two spots at the EOL District Championship.

At the first official track meet, which was Buck Track Classic, Mr. Surber threw his season record of 115 feet, 6 inches. Since then, he hasn’t been able to throw over the 100’. Mr. Surber’s main goal right now is to get back up to where he was able to throw 100’ at both practice and meets.

Another one of the Umatilla track athletes striving for new things is sophomore hurdler, Mr. Trent Durfey. He has achieved the position of top hurdler at Umatilla but has bigger goals on his mind. One of those is to break the 17 second mark for the 110 high hurdles.

At the Dick Horyna Invite, that goal was a very close reality. Going into his race, Mr. Durfey held the fastest time and had the focus of a pro. He was nervous though, for one reason. This could be the race where he “finally breaks 17’s”.

The starter says, “Runners to your marks!” and the field got set, and then they were off to the loud “CRACK!” of the gun. Durfey went over the first hurdle and looked unstoppable. One of his teammates later said to him that he went over the hurdle like it was nothing! As his teammates watched in amazement, the unthinkable happened. On the final stretch, with a two second lead on the second place person, Trent lost focus for a split second and just barely clipped the top of the hurdle and fell down losing the lead. Determined to finish the race, he bounced right back up and finished in second place.

Fortunately, that was not the last race of the day for Mr. Durfey. He suffered a few scrapes and scratches, but other than that he was unscaved. Trent will be competing in the 4x100M relay, 110M hurdles, the 300M hurdles, and javelin. Although he hasn’t raced the 300M hurdles yet this year, he believes that he will take his speed and more development from this year and get a PR for this race.

The River’s Edge Track meet at Umatilla High School starts at 12 p.m. on April 14.