By Paola DeLaCerda

Gear Up through Blue Mountain Community College gives a chance to students who want to go to college but they’re really not sure where is the right fit. This gives students a chance to see if college is the right thing or if it’s not.  This summer Gear Up is going to help Umatilla High students decide and it’s a great opportunity for 9th and 10th graders. Mrs. Abby Pierson, the Administrative Assistant for Outreach at BMCC, says that this opportunity is great for students to go and experience and she want’s students to see that college is still an option even financially.  

BMCC wants to increase college awareness and leadership. There are spots for 30 students in the region. About seven students who went last year are going this summer to have some fun and talk to the new students.

The program is mostly about “connecting with the college and what we’re mostly going to be doing is service projects and i want them to see themselves in college financially,” Mrs. Pierson said.

This is really important program for the sophomores and freshman, if you haven’t turned in a application yet don’t worry we have until next week to turn them in to Mrs. Dee Lorence. If you’re not sure if you should go to college go to this Gear Up. It’s a great way to know if college is right for you. It’s not only going to be a tour, you are going to be able to talk to others and see what category fits you the best. To be able to go you need to go to Mrs. Lorence for the application. And be ready to go June 28-30.