By: Jefferson Olivera

There have been several conspiracy theories about celebrities, politics, and events throughout the years. Conspiracy theories are made to explain outrageous occurrences that have happened.

Theories about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and many others swirl around the internet. I specifically want to focus on one that includes one of greatest achievements in human history: the moon landing.

The moon landing of Apollo 11 was broadcasted worldwide on July 20, 1969. The footage included Neil Armstrong saying his famous phrase, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  

Everyone watching the live broadcast was amazed on what humanity was able to achieve. Conspiracies have develop that the United States government staged the whole moon landing.  People argue that some small things that appear in the footage of the moon landing don’t quite make sense.

One of the most notable is the way the flag acts on the face of the moon. The flag waves as if there was wind on the moon, which there is none. The government has talked about this and gave an explanation as why this happened. I personally believe that this was definitely some sort of wind. The flag was moving just like a flag would if it were out in the wind outside on Earth. If the government saw that that flag moved like that, then they should’ve given an explanation in the beginning before conspiracies began to form.

Other people have also noticed that one of the moon rocks in a picture taken has the letter “C” on it. People began to think that it was a prop that was placed upside down while the photo was being taken. I don’t know what to believe about this one. This is something that Armstrong or Buzz Aldren could have done while they were there or it was actually a stage prop. Another possibility is that the photo may have been manipulated so that the rock looks like it has the letter C on it.

This theory is hard for me to believe. Some sources say that the “C” is just a fine piece of hair that could have landed on the photo while a copy of the original photo was being made. That’s why the original image is darker and the photo with the “C” is lighter. If an image is copied than the contrast changes.

Another detail from the photos of the space landing shows that there are no stars visible while on the moon. If you’re on the moon, you may think that that’s the best place to look at the stars, but according to the photos that is not true. NASA has talked about this and tried to explain it by saying that at the time the moon was being hit directly with sunlight and because the moon’s atmosphere is very thin, the sky seems black. The stars aren’t bright enough to see. I can understand why the stars cannot be seen. It’s like on earth; we can’t see the stars during the day because the sun is too bright. The stars aren’t vibrant enough to be seen through the earth’s atmosphere.

The final detail that can be distinguished is the shadows. In the photos, all the shadows look as if they were all facing different direction. The only way the shadows could be in different direction is if there were multiple light sources, possibly stage lights. If you’re on the moon, the only light source should be the sun, meaning that all the shadows should be facing the same direction. The shadows also seem to be too light if there is only one light source. The moon’s atmosphere isn’t strong enough to scatter light so therefore people wondered why the shadows seemed too light. NASA tried to explain this by saying that a wide-angled camera was used when taking the photos.

The wide-angle camera makes it seem as if everything parallel will diverge. The shadows seem too light because light also bounces back from the ground. Since the light bounces back, the shadows appear to be lighter. This is also another conspiracy I find to be fake because I have heard a bit of how shadows work. I did know that some of the light bounces back once it touches the ground.

Overall, I find some parts of the moon landing seem to be believable while others seem sketchy. Yeah, some of the conspiracies could have been manipulated by random people who, for some reason, had something against the moon landing. It wouldn’t surprise me however if this whole moon landing thing was a lie from the government. This wouldn’t be the first time. There are several conspiracies that revolve around the government, the moon landing is just the tip of the iceberg.