By Alejandro Aguilar

Umatilla school district is full of love, joy, school spirit and spirits?

According to some Umatilla School District students and teachers, UHS used to be a cemetery until it was torn down and made into the high school and middle school.

At least that is what some  claim and why some think the school might be haunted.

Basketball and boo!

Mr. Kyle Sipe, a teacher that works at Clara Brownell Middle School, did a Q&A with some middle school students one day. He stated anyone could ask him anything, as long as it was school appropriate. He was asked a lot of questions; one being what is your favorite memory of CBMS? Another was what was your inspiration to become a teacher?

He was also asked what is the creepiest thing that has happened to you at CBMS. It sure caught the teacher’s attention, as he then started talking about his creepiest experience and he described it with great detail.

Late one night when they were holding basketball practice, Mr. Sipe told his players a story that the underground basement was actually a World War II bomb shelter. The team decided to go down there and just investigate. However, when they came back up to the gym floor, all the doors to enter the gym storage that they had just recently closed were now open and all the doors to exit the gym were now closed. Mr. Sipe claimed it really did freak him out.

“This is for sure an example of how Clara Brownell is haunted,” Mr. Sipe said.

A haunting feeling in the high school halls      

Mr. Lupe Escovedo, a math and Spanish teacher at the high school, also has an extraordinary experience. He claimed the gymnasium was an Indian burial ground that was torn down, so it can then be made into what is the gym today.

“I really do believe there is a ghost in our school,” Mr. Escovedo said. He also claimed that if you go to the gym or the area around it you can hear weird sounds and students that walk by the school late at night have told Mr. Escovedo that they’ve even seen lights. Mr. Escovedo also gave out a story about the janitor. He claimed the janitor was working late night and put his coffee down, right around where the gym was. When he came back his coffee was gone and no one could have possibly taken it, as he was the only one there.

A walk with the willies

There are also claims by some Umatilla High School students that the schools used to be: an Indian Burial Ground, a hospital, and cemetery, but nothing can be confirmed at the moment. As of now, only claims can be made.

Mr. Salomon Lemus, a UHS sophomore, said late at night he was walking by the school when he heard someone behind the gymnasium. He got an angle where he could see a little bit further when he started seeing 2 lights in the forest and 1 coming from the back of the gymnasium. He thought it was police or something and he left in a hurry. Then realizing that there was no reason for cops or officials to be there, as there was no vehicles nearby.

Explanations can be applied to all of these stories but as of now, it just remains a mystery. Umatilla School District horror stories can be heard everywhere, as this was just a short portion of the stories we heard. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you sure are in for a kick here in Umatilla.