By Zayne Troeger,

Recently the UHS Robotics team went to a competition at West Valley High School in Spokane, WA, their first of the season.

They didn’t perform as well as they wanted to. Unfortunately, they encountered a problem with their air compressor which caused power problems in the early rounds of the competition.

“We never fixed [air compressor], we just switched it to it’s own fuse so it didn’t blow the same fuse as the radio,” Senior engineer, Mr. Bradley Benson explained. 

Once the problem was solved, they were finally able to compete at the level they expected going into the event and qualified to go to quarterfinals with a strong alliance with teams 5942 Walla Walla Warriors and 3920 Spangle Mechanics of Mayhem.

Each round of the playoffs is a “Best-two-out-of-three” kind of format. According to Head Coach Mr. Kyle Sipe, they were the only team to beat the alliance that ended up winning the competition. They lost the first match, but turned it around and won the second match. Unfortunately, they lost the last match of their series and all three teams in the alliance were knocked out.

Normally, before the matches start, teams are supposed to be able to test their robots and configure the vision sensors and some other tinkering. According to Mr. Sipe, they did not give this luxury to the teams. Mr. Sipe thinks that the contributed to the reason why they didn’t perform to their fullest capabilities.

“In robotics, our team has learned to expect the unexpected and quickly fix the pneumatic issues… I feel we had a true chance to win this competition,” exclaimed Mr. Sipe.

The people that were working very hard on the Chairman’s Award did an exceptional job, but unfortunately, did not receive the award at the competition. They will try to achieve the honor at their next competition, March 16-18 in Ellensburg, WA. More importantly 4125 Confidential is trying to acquire enough qualification points to represent Umatilla at the Pacific Northwest Finals, back in Spokane on April 5.