By Zayne Troeger, Page Picker and Paola De La Cerda

The students at Umatilla High School had a second spirit week between Monday 6th and Friday 10th in February.

Students have been very creative with the costumes they wore to show their school spirit.

Monday was ‘Merica Day which students had to dress up in red white and blue. Students dressed up in everything from a Donald Trump sign (sophomore, Mr. Josh Brown) to an actual US flag (senior, Ms. Cameron Sipe). 

Tuesday was Gender Bender Day where girls dressed up like guys and guys dressed up like girls. Some of the costumes got pretty funny and creative, especially the girls’ costumes. The guys put on dresses; they put on little decorations such as bobby pins or hair ties; other guys even wore makeup.

Wednesday was Hawaiian day: students and teachers went all out dressing in Hawaiian garb. Dean of Students Mrs. April Dirksen wore a long t-shirt and a hawaiian skirt, Mrs. Lizette Ames wore a hawaiian shirt and a some jeans. Some students wore flowers in their hair.

Unfortunately, bad weather forced school to be canceled and students missed Throwback Thursday. That meant the only day left was Spirit Day. Students dressed up in blue and orange to support Viking pride.

At the basketball games against rival Riverside High School some students painted their face with little dots above their eyebrows going down to the opposite eye and continuing the marks, whereas others put orange hand prints on their cheeks to show their school spirit at the game. The seniors decided to take a different route on Friday, and dress up in Togas, which they called “Toga Day”.