By Page Picker, Paola De La Cerda and Zayne Troeger

The days are dwindling down for Umatilla High School’s senior class. This means that they have to think about what the future has in store for them.

In a recent survey, seniors were asked what they are planning on doing after their high school career ends. Many of them want to go to a college in a certain place and study a specific field that interested them, Whereas some want to join the U.S. Military.

For example, Ms. Josilyn Preston has decided that she wants to join the United States Air Force. She wants to pursue this path because she said in her survey response that she wanted to follow in her sister’s footsteps, which made her want to go down a brave and honorable path. She also sees herself living in a house, having a good job, and living with her husband within the next 10 years. Ms. Preston says that if she were to go off to college, she would definitely study computer science and get her degree.

Many of the seniors have the same idea: go to college, get a degree, and then get a job in that field. Below are some of the other seniors plans.

img_6612-1-1Ms. Araceli Sanguino said she plans to attend BMCC. She decided what she wanted to do by going to college campuses and her teachers. Ms. Sanguino said that her brother and her mother helped her make that decision.  While attending BMCC, she would like to study to be a registered nurse. Ms. Sanguino see’s herself in 10 years living in a big city being a nurse and married to NBA star Kyrie Irving.

Ms. Marlee Brundage plans to attend Eastern Oregon University and study business. She said in the survey, “I have worked hard to get where I am at and I have always wanted to work in the business profession so that is what is what I am going to stick my mind and goals to.”

Ms. Brundage said if everything goes right in 10 years, she sees herself graduated from college and having a family or starting a family with my best friend Colby.

“My older sister Marissa has pushed me so far and it has paid off! I am so proud and thankful that she has took her time to help me be successful in life.” Ms. Brundage said she wanted to study business or possibly to became an accountant.” 


Ms. Venises Estrada is planning to go to beauty school after high school. She decided she wanted to pursue this because she has a great passion for it and she enjoys it. Ms. Estrada decision was mostly influenced by herself because has her own opinion about it and she finds it fun and loves it. In less than ten years, Ms. Estrada sees herself living in LA doing makeup full time.


Ms. Alondra Cortes wants to work at Umatilla Head Start. She decided to work there because she loves volunteering with them as a Teacher Assistant. She also loves working with kids. The people that influenced her the most were the teachers at Umatilla High School. If Ms. Cortes is going off to college she would want to study music for an education career. If everything goes right in 10 years she will see herself as a Head Start Teacher.

Ms. Jordyn Holford wants to go to college to go study to be an ultrasound technician and if she can’t be an ultrasound technician she would want to be a nurse. 

“I just thought about stuff and I feel good about it and also how I can help people,” Ms. Holford says. If everything goes right, Ms. Holford sees herself working at a hospital in Seattle and helping new parents see their baby.

Ms. Jeira Carrillo’s plans for after high school are to attend Portland State University and participate in their Pre-Dentistry program and major in Biology.Then after that, she wants to transfer to Oregon Health and Science University to obtain an Orthodontic license. She decided she wanted to do this because she wanted to set herself towards a career that was a “routine” job that also paid well. She asked her orthodontist how he did this and she became interested. If everything goes right 10 years from now she sees herself graduating from Oregon Health and Science University.

Mr. Salvador Alvarez wants to go to Portland State University and study Mechanical Engineering. He wants to study this because it challenges him and he thinks that it will be a good paying job when he gets older when he lives on his own. He says that his uncle has introduced some ideas of his own, but he already has put in some practice and designed some things himself. He sees himself with a family and possibly owning a mechanical engineering company within the next 10 years.


Ms. Capriana Meinke plans to attend Texas A&M University, and has decided that she would like to major in Petroleum Engineering. Her backup plan is to sell her opinions on the street for $1. She decided that she wanted to study Petroleum Engineering because she knew that refining and enhancing natural resources and oil was a high demand. She also loves science which helped her make her decision.

“I’m mostly just ‘about making money,” Ms. Meinke said in the survey. Another person that helped her make her decision was her dad. If everything goes as planned, in 10 years she sees herself being well off.

That was only a small part of the seniors who responded seriously to a survey given to them in their Language Arts class. No matter what they end up doing or where they end up doing it the UHS family hopes they’ll enjoy it and do it to the best of their ability and get the job done.