By Shantell KuyKendall

It’s war time for Umatilla High School students, but not just any war, a color war!

As everyone is throwing balls of colors at each other one boy darts away from a group of students chasing him for the kill. It’s too late, the colorful carnage means he was plastered in blue, pink, orange and purple marks all over. It was the end of him but not for the war going on around him. That Umatilla High School student’s “wounds” all meant something different in an effort to create better cancer awareness.

To get students aware of different types of cancer the National Honor Society came up with the idea of a color war which took place on Nov. 17 on the lacrosse field.

You might be asking yourself ‘what is a color war’? At UHS it   is a large group of people that get together to throw nylon socks with powder dye at each other. It was recommended students wear a white t-shirt and clothes that are you aren’t afraid to get stained in the name of cancer awareness.  

Each color used  represents a different type of cancer. The most commonly known is pink for breast cancer, always seen around the U.S. in October. Light Blue is for for prostate cancer,, orange for  for leukemia (a blood cancer) and lavender which is the catch-all color for all cancers.

“We wanted to raise awareness for all types of cancer and get students involved in spreading the awareness” said Zaq Funderburk, a sophomore student who’s in the UHS National Honor Society (NHS). .

NHS leaders were happy with the amount of students that went to the color war. The fifteen students that participated indicated they had a lot of fun.