By Tyler Lowrance

Umatilla High School will be singing with festive joy for the world to see.

On Tuesday, December 6th, from 7 to 8:30 p.m there will be a Christmas concert presented by the Umatilla High School Choir, Concert Band, and Jazz band.

The choir will sing “Homeward Bound” by Marta Keen, “On A Cold December Night” by Cynthia Gray, “Born Today in Bethlehem” by Joyce Eilers and “All Night, All Day” by Greg Giplin.

The songs that will be featured in the concert by Umatilla Concert Band are: “Christmas Fantasia” by Ralph Vaughan Williams., “Where the Black Hawks Soars” by Robert W. Smith, “Panis Angelicus” by Andrea Bocelli and Do You Hear What I Hear/Snow Bells.

The songs that will be played by Umatilla Jazz Band are  Little St. Nick, All of Me, Song for San Miguel and Basin Street Blues.

“During the concert there will be three soloists on one of our songs. The first song, Homeward Bound, begins with one of our Sopranos, Ms. Tira Wyckoff. A few bars later one of our Basses, Mr. Elijah Pine, joins her it becomes a small duet between the two. The full choir joins in shortly after. Our third and final soloist for this song will be one of our Altos, Ms. Mary Sollman. Her solo comes in toward the end of the piece.” said Mr. Zane Boone, Director of the Music Department.

The soloists are ready for tonight’s show to varying degrees. “I don’t totally feel confident with my solo,” Soprano soloist, Tira Wyckoff said. “I’ve been getting better but still am scared that I’m going to mess the part up.”

“Well, my solo is really a duet with Tira. I’m confident with my part, but it’s how well it goes with Tira’s that makes or breaks it,” Bass soloist, Elijah Pine stated.

“I don’t feel totally confident in it yet, especially since I got it only a week before the concert,” Alto soloist, Mary Sollman said.