By Marisa Aguiar and Jasmine Orozco

The 2016 Umatilla High School volleyball season didn’t play out the way that the team would have written it if it was a storybook.

At 2-22, 1-9 the Vikings finished sixth in the Eastern Oregon League this year. But the members of the team will tell you that this season was about way more than just wins and losses.

Playing volleyball they’re many different things each and everyone of the girls finds useful. For senior Esteisy Leon two of her friends and teammates played a big role in this.

“Brenda [Campos] and Taija [Coffey] would make me laugh, and they taught me a lot,” said Ms. Leon.

As you play volleyball over time you see what you have to do and what you have to work on in order to win. Ms. Leon said that it was important for the team to carry “positive energy and a mind set,” into matches.

It was said that the type of coach you have whether they are a good coach or a bad coach it makes a difference

Ms. Leon said, “because a lot of pure skills comes from them.”

Also what the girls do in practice plays a big part on how the girls perform during games.

“I make them do foundational skills almost every single day, and then I have them work on team bonding things,” said Head Coach Sonia Ego.

The amount the girls practice is an essential in order for them to prepare for each and every game. “We practice three nights a week for two hours,” added Mrs. Ego.

She informed the team that in order to improve your volleyball skills you need to do “Something that requires the entire team to complete the task.”

As for an opinion on what it takes to win a volleyball game there was only one word used.

“Teamwork.” Exclaimed Mrs. Ego.

As for what the team will do to prepare themselves next year was the very last portion.

“Well we practice a few weeks before school starts, and I want them to continue working on teamwork,” Mrs. Ego said.