By Yesenia Flores 

The 2016 presidential election is fast approaching, Nov. 8th to be exact.

Hillary Clinton is the democratic nominee whereas Donald Trump is the republican nominee. Clinton is currently in the lead according to The Huffington Post’s polling database with a 46% in the polls and Trump is a very close second with 42.9%. The presidential election can go either way in these next couple of days.

Many citizens are voicing their opinions on the presidential race.

“I think it’s an awful election, our candidates are pretty bad,” Richard Burres said. Burres is a Umatilla High Class of 2016 graduate and a potential voter who is very passionate about this topic. “Well, Trumps a loud mouth… he focuses too much on radical border control policies… meanwhile Hillary is a pathological liar.”  

There has been many scandals concerning these candidates since their campaign started. Clinton has been accused of deleting thousands of emails from a private server when she was the Secretary of State. Some of the emails contained classified information. She has a reputation of not being honest.

Trump on the other hand has been accused of making unsolicited sexual advances towards women and has had a vast history of misogyny. He has also made racist remarks, he says things in public appearances that have people saying he dislikes Mexicans and wants to build a wall along the southern border to keep them from coming into the country.  

Burres describes the perfect candidate as, “someone who believes in fiscal responsibility and equal rights… respects the first and second amendments, and someone who actually has strong foreign and domestic policy.”

Umatilla High School has not planned any specific activities surrounding the Presidential election. The school district community has been contacted many times about the capital construction bond that would allow for improvements across USD.

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