By: Cecilia Cardenas-Perez and Alexandrea Ford

Halloween is here.

The Umatilla High School ASB has some plans Dean of Students Mrs. April Dirksen and senior ASB member Rebekah Potts have been working on with the rest of the ASB team. The high school will be on an afternoon assembly schedule to party in the afternoon.  

“Well in the past we haven’t had a Halloween assembly before, so this is the first year we are having an assembly for Halloween,” Ms. Potts said. “Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a second Spirit Week [assemblies are planned too]. I think the students will enjoy them because the students will get to vote on the games they play so they get to decide the things they want to do, if they don’t like the idea they could say no we don’t want to do that. So I think it’s a lot more involved and fun for students.”

Ms. Potts admits she is a little nervous about the fact she will be announcing the assembly. She is very passionate about the assemblies due to the fact that she is helping plan them and putting hard work into them. There are some things that she wishes were different.

“I wish that they would go on a little bit longer, usually the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas or whenever we celebrate for a whole week we do something big and cool. But halloween only gets the one day,” Ms. Potts said.

Mrs. Dirksen still being new at UHS so she hopes to impress the students with what she has planned with the ASB and all other students and staff this year for Halloween.

“During the [afternoon] assembly there is going to be a costume contest, which every advisory had one person sign up for the costume contest, so we’re gonna have winners for that.”

The assembly will also include a contest the involves eating caramel apples or caramel onions; there will be the classic bobbing for apples; additionally a doughnut on a string speed eating contest; finally in the traditional battle of the classes style there will be a giant tic-tac-toe contest.  

“Also during that time, we’re gonna have a competition for group costumes also,” Mrs. Dirksen said. There will also be candy for prizes and a reward to the juniors for winning the Spirit Stick during Spirit Week.

Mrs. Dirksen said she plans on getting the students more involved by making school activities fun and having the students plan the activities and sign up for the  events they would like to be in.