By Hector Gorrosquieta and Issac Garcia

If students walk through Umatilla High school’s entrance with their hats or hoods on, it doesn’t take long for a teacher to approach them and ask if they could remove their hats while they’re in the building.

Umatilla High School’s hat policy isn’t favored by all students but it seems it won’t be changing anytime soon.  

“Hoods, beanies, and hats are not allowed in the school building due to security reasons,” said Mrs. Dee Lorence, the UHS counselor. “If an incident were to occur within the school building, security cameras wouldn’t be able to see a person’s face if they could cover it with their hat or hood.”

According to a member of the staff the hat rule has been a discussion in staff meetings, it is not likely that the hats rule in the building is changing. “Most likely it would not, because of the security reasons from not being able to see a student’s face [on security cameras],” Mrs. Lorence said.

“If the school faculty were to acknowledge a petition from the students they would have to have a meeting with the school faculty to tell them their concerns with the hat rule before starting a petition,” Mrs. Lorence said.

Mrs. Lorence isn’t ready to see the hat rule change because of the potential problems it could create.

“It would be up to the teachers if students could wear a hat because it is their rule and it would also be up to the school if they allow hats to be worn in the building.”

The opinion of the Umatilla High School students can be quite contrary. “Yes, I’ve had tons of teachers tell me to take my hat off, and it ticked me off ‘cause I want to wear my hat,” said UHS senior Joshua Cummins.