By: Jefferson Olivera

Everyone has known at least one new student that arrives at their school.  Those new students move for several different reasons.  Some are able to relate but others simply never have gone through the changes a new student faces at a new school.

Many new students have arrived here at Umatilla High School from all over. The new families that arrive to Umatilla come from Hermiston or Tri-cities and all across the country. No matter where they’re from, all the students that move and transfer schools go through a similar change.

Stephanie Griggs is a freshman who came from Hermiston to UHS.  Griggs chose to come to Umatilla because she noticed that the school had a smaller number of students compared to Hermiston High.  Due to that smaller size she will be able to receive extra help from her teachers.

… there are some really nice people that I meet on the first day of school. I think the students are nice well some of them are and the teachers are really nice,” Griggs said.


She really enjoys her time at UHS because she doesn’t have to worry about any drama happening at school, for the most part.  The people here first seem to be the kind of people that rarely cause problems.  

Many students transfer to different schools for many different problems or reasons.  According to in a story about “Top 10 Reasons Why Students Transfer” many college students transfer for specific reasons, some of which can also be applied to students in elementary, middle and high school.

Want to be closer to family: Anything from not making friends to the new surroundings or just not liking the campus, might be depressing and make you miss the family.”

It does not necessarily mean that the person left their whole family, but rather they want to be connected to their much bigger family.  Their parents may decide to move either to another city or state.

Getting advice from someone would be something useful for someone else. .

“My advice is to be prepared for the weirdos we have here,” Reyes said.  “It gets really weird here cause most of us have no shame.  Also, stay focused and don’t start drama at all. School comes first, don’t be a super senior.”

UHS freshman, that is why Layla Reyes has plenty of experience with this district. She has been a student here her entire life.

“Umatilla high school is an ok high school. There are some places we could use improvement in. There’s no other school like Umatilla high school. It’s nice knowing that most teachers care at the high school too,” Reyes said.

So if you are new to Umatilla, then you have nothing to be worried about for the most part.  The major struggle will be school work from all your classes.  No matter where you go you will always have school work.