By Itzahiana Uriarte and Darlin Macias

The Umatilla High School district has a rule banning outside food and drinks in classrooms.

The school site council, made up of teachers, students, parents, administrators, and other staff members played a big part in bringing about the rule that says there should be no food and drinks in the classroom. Both the school counselor, Mrs. Dee Lawrence and Mrs. April Dirksen, the Dean of Students, agree it is an important rule.

“There have just been complaints from the custodian,” Mrs. Lawrence said. “Also in classes it can be distracting and drinks might be spilled in the computer lab so they just made it into a general rule”.

It’s not just an issue of spills and trash. “The biggest problem is bugs and ants,” Mrs. Dirksen said. And it isn’t a rule that is going to change soon.

“Not sure until they can get the ant problem under control,” Mrs. Dirksen said she enjoys food in her office and that she would like to eat there because she doesn’t have a lot of time.  But if she does, ants come and the custodians get upset having to clean up that type of mess.

For some students food is fuel and they want to be able to make sure they don’t end up on an empty stomach before lunch.

“I think it’s a dumb rule because we get hungry before lunch,” said sophomore Christy Macias. ”We hardly get many food and we can’t even concentrate because we are just thinking about how hungry we are. I think food should be allowed.”

Some students agree with Macias’ opinion. Others are less concerned about a rule preventing food in the classrooms. The no food or drinks in the classroom rule could be changed in the near future if people feel it’s important enough to them. As of now not many mind it, or even obey the rule.