By Jose Coria & Jesse Hernandez

Umatilla High has its first ever nurse to step on the school grounds. The whole building is very pleased with, and hope to keep Mrs. Heather Griggs here for a very long time.

Going in to her first year as a nurse she feels really confident in coming to a new building and helping out the students. “I’ve always loved working with kids and people,” Mrs. Griggs said.

Having a nurse at Umatilla High School is a very important thing because she loves being around students and enjoys helping them. Not to mention she has a child herself, he’s only 17 months old.

Mrs. Griggs got her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) from George Fox University. This puts her in a really good position right here at UHS.  It didn’t take her long for her to get hired, it was only a few steps she had to take and she was set. “My schedule is perfectly organized,” she said.

She works at McNary Heights Elementary School on Mondays and at Clara Brownell Middle School and Umatilla High School on Wednesdays. On Tuesday she goes to Echo.

Districts contract with the Intermountain Education Service District for Mrs. Griggs services. She goes to Echo School on Tuesdays to work with their students like she does in Umatilla. She manages her time really well so she’s able to make it in time to the other schools.

The school of UHS is really pleased with her and the work she does for the school here at Umatilla. “Having her here is a really good thing, we know her background and she seemed like the right person for this job,” UHS Dean of Students Mrs. April Dirksen said.