By Nalleli Madrigal and Natalie Soto-Leon

Oct. 6, 2016

Umatilla — The Umatilla High School boys soccer team started the season in not too good of a shape. With just 11 players on Aug. 27 at Hermiston, with no subs available they lost 4-0. So they began to recruit boys and are working their way to the top.

“The season has been good so far but we may not win the district finals, if we make it,” said senior team captain Luis Vallejo. ”We may be able to improve if we get our act together and maintain average grades throughout the season so everyone can play.”

They have 16 players now. The older boys have been doing a good job working with the freshman who have joined the program. Head Coach Pedro Ortiz’s team has been working hard the whole season to prove they’re the best.

So far in the season they’ve played nine games four of them they won, two of them were a tie and the other three they lost. One of the losses was on Sept. 3 hosting Riverside. The Viking’s rival won 8-0 on UHS’ home field.

Saturday Umatilla has their second meeting with Riverside in Boardman at 1 pm.

Type Date Day/Time Opponent Results
NL 8/27/16 Saturday @8pm @Hermiston L 0-4
L 9/3/16 Saturday @1pm Riverside L 0-8
NL 9/6/16 Tuesday @4:30pm Vs.Baker/ Powder valley W 2-1
NL 9/13/16 Tuesday @4pm @Prescott (WA) T 2-2
L 9/17/16 Saturday @1pm Vs. City Cristian W 13-1
NL 9/20/16 Tuesday @4pm @La Grande L 1-4
NL 9/23/16 Friday @4:30pm Vs. Nyssa (City Field) W 4-1
NL 9/26/16 Monday @4pm Vs. Walla Walla Valley Academy (WA)(City Field) W 7-1
L 10/1/16 Saturday @1pm @Irrigon T 4-4
L 10/8/16 Saturday @1pm @Riverside
NL 10/11/16 Tuesday @4pm @Walla Walla Valley Academy (WA)(City Field)
L 10/18/16 Tuesday @4pm @City Christian
L 10/25/16 Tuesday @4pm Vs. Irrigon